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A Luxurious Time in Highbury, N5

Highbury is located in north London, just outside the Central London part, and within the London Borough of Islington. Its whole story started out as a manor house in the 13th century, built on top of a hill, and it was called Highbury Manor. The manor house was destroyed pretty early, but that eventually led to the creation of Highbury Barn. It later saw residential growth, and ultimately became the suburban region seen today.

In Highbury you can see Arsenal Stadium (occasionally called Highbury Stadium), built after the Woolwich Arsenal FC moved to the area and dropped the first part of its name. The stadium was demolished in 2006 after the club moved away from the area. Since then, the area around the stadium offers lucrative choices for many home buyers who want pricy and luxurious housing.

Highbury New Park is a vast area within the region and home to many facilities, once even to Wessex Studios. The latter is now a block of flats called The Recording Studio. Another block of flats, Athenaeum Court, currently is where the Highbury Studios once were.

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