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Have a Pleasant Time in Marylebone, W1

Marylebone is a very rich inner-city area located in central London, within the City of Westminster. Once it had been a part of the Metropolitan Borough of St Marylebone, but today it has been mostly rebuilt. It is a site of many former landmarks which are now closed or replaced with something else built over them.

A few of the old and demolished areas are the BBC Radio 1 studio called Egton House, which was brought down; the Queen’s Hall, a concert venue which housed many classical concerts, was destroyed in a fire during the Second World War; the St Marylebone Grammar School on the corner of Marylebone Road and Lisson Grove, now replaced by an office building; and Marylebone Gardens, closed in 1778 after years of serving as a wonderful pleasure ground and a venue for live music events.

If you want to check out notable features today, you can see the beautiful scenery that the Marylebone Town Hall offers with its amazing architecture, or the beautiful Wyndham Place in Bryanston Square. Marylebone is characterised by many major streets, one of them Baker Street, which may sound very familiar to readers of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, and, indeed, you can also check out the very 221B Baker Street and the museum there.

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