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     My mum has been using IslingtonCarpetCleaners for years and finally convinced me to give them a try and I don't know why I waited so long. The price was really reasonable and the quality of cleaning was superb. I'm never going back to doing my home cleaning myself now.
Jerry Grouper19/05/2020
     If you need any cleaning services, we would highly recommend Islington Cleaning Company! They were fast, efficient, and a joy to be around!
Ryan L.19/09/2019
     Aside from the fact they do a great job, the best thing about a house clean from Islington Carpet Cleaning is the price. They are so cheap, I feel like I am saving money by using them instead of doing it myself. Definitely saves me a ton of time!
Shelly Underloing13/12/2017
     I have been using Islington Carpet Cleaning for a really long time and my cleaner does a wonderful job for me. She is very regular and she cleans very thoroughly. From windows to white surfaces, I have never had to remind or complain to her about anything. I am very pleased with the cleaning service and would definitely recommend using this company for any of your household cleaning needs!
     Living opposite an on going construction site, my house is susceptible to gathering rather a lot of dust, which is why I rely on the regular cleaning services of Islington Carpet Cleaning. The cleaners come in once a week and with their high end cleaning products and skilled hands prevent from that dust really building up and give me a healthy and hygienic environment in which to raise my children. My family and I are so happy with your excellent performance and it's so affordable too!
     Our student halls are cleaned daily by Islington Carpet Cleaning and the cleaners working for this agency are very reliable. They turn up when they say they will and they bring everything they need to do the jobs that need doing. We have to keep our halls cleaned to a high standard and these cleaners work very well to bring that about, we have had other cleaning companies in the past who have been a bit ineffective to tell the truth but this is a cleaning agency that does make a real difference - they don't shy away from tough jobs and they consistently deliver excellent results.
Rebecca R.05/11/2014
     My home is now completely spotless and I can relax! My old manager said that I should give Islington Carpet Cleaning a shout after hearing that I was struggling to keep my place tidy - and it was probably the most sensible thing he has ever suggested to me! I've always done my own house cleaning but after having a happy arrival in my home I was pushed to look for help. This company are not what I think of as a luxury, they are now a part of my weekly routine and fit in perfectly with my family! Great cleaners! And excellent prices for the work they do!
George L.23/10/2014
     I've so many good things to say about this company I don't know where to start. First of all, the customer service was wonderful, the lady I talked to explained the prices and services so well and also made me feel welcome as a customer which I liked. The cleaners were punctual, polite and I find them to be trustworthy. Most important of all, the house clean which was carried out for me was done so wonderfully well. My boyfriend was very impressed as well! I have used this company about five times now and each time an excellent job has been done. As far as I'm concerned Islington Carpet Cleaning is the only company I would use now for home cleaning.
     My partner and I moved in with each other a few months back and our cleaning standards never really matched very well. While I didn't really mind a bit of mess here and there, my partner was very specific about what needed to be done but he never had any time to get any of it done. For our one year, I decided that I would get us both a cleaner to put an end to the arguments over the mess of the house and we haven't had a bad thing to say about it since. Islington Carpet Cleaning is a fantastic company!
Sheila Rogers16/07/2014
     My wife and I can't thank Islington Carpet Cleaning enough for what they have done. I our old age we struggled to see to all the cleaning, as even vacuuming could upset my back. We thought it best if we called a cleaning firm to help us, so our son recommended Islington Carpet Cleaning. After one phone call, we were impose and hired them immediately. They came to our house and quickly got all the cleaning done over one afternoon. The woman was friendly and work hard. She now visits once a week and always leaves the house spotless and we don't have to worry about the hard work.
Adrian Burrows20/06/2014
     I needed a cleaner to completely tidy up my workshop where I work as a motor mechanic. Islington Carpet Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend. I asked then for a quote for the work and for some guarantee that they will carry out the work that I require. I cannot complain at all about the quality of their work and in fact they carried out more tasks than what I expected. The quote was accurate and I found it to be very cheap. I will be hiring then on a monthly basis from now on to carry out my cleaning requirements. They have high standards which they stick to and in my opinion this is very difficult to find these days.
Graham Stevenson26/05/2014
     I've been using Islington Carpet Cleaning for a long time now, and I am seriously pleased with how they have kept up their level of standards. You can only really hope that you are on to a winner when it comes to booking in a cleaning company, and it is lucky that we found ours as easily as we did! I have recommended them to all of my friends, and now I am recommending them to the whole world, so they must be pretty good, or else I would not have bothered!
Kathryn Cook14/05/2014
     Having used a few cleaning companies for my events over the last five years in business, I am happy to say that I have settled on Islington Carpet Cleaning who have been consistently brilliant at their work over six months so far. For this reason, I am pleased to recommend them on here to others. I run a series of events spaces, and they get pretty trashed after certain nights, so having a great cleaning team is essential. This lot are always on time, get the job done in minimum time, and charge a very good rate.
Jared Strickland29/04/2014
     If you let people into your home you need to know that they're reliable and trustworthy. I was really hesitant to hire professional cleaners as I didn't want to fall victim to any sort of scam. A friend told me about Islington Carpet Cleaning and I gave them a try for the first time last week. The over-the-phone staff were very helpful and gave me lots of information. When I was given a price quote I was very impressed, and was even more pleased when I discovered that there were no extra or hidden fees to pay! My cleaners are very thorough and get everything into shape for me without me having to worry. I love this service!
Rachael F.17/04/2014
     As an air hostess, I spend most of my time in the air or in hotel rooms. However, when I do find myself at home, I like to make sure that it is clean, fresh and tidy. Since I do not have the time to clean myself, I decided to hire Islington Carpet Cleaning. I would recommend this company to everyone and anyone who is looking for good cleaners. I have never trusted people in my home but these cleaners are professional, reliable and trustworthy. I will never use another company ever again now that I know what perfection actually is!
Samantha Jones27/03/2014
     Having worried about how I was going to juggle the house work with my new job as I started it, I was pleased to find that Islington Carpet Cleaning were extremely affordable overall. You will no doubt find the same, as they are extremely good at what they do, and this means that they can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Therefore, I had no issue with how much they charged, as it only took a couple of hours to clean the whole apartment! So, a great service and a low price, could not really recommend them enough!
Minnie P.05/03/2014
     I didn't have the time any longer to provide home cleaning. I have a very busy work schedule and I am a parent so there is a lot to do during both the weekends and week days. I hired Islington Carpet Cleaning to provide routine home cleaning service to ensure that my home looked clean and tidy. They come at a time that works for my busy schedule. They really do an excellent job cleaning all areas and corners of my home. They clean the bathrooms, common rooms and kitchen with precision. I couldn't recommend this cleaning service any higher! Great job!
     I love this cleaning company! I was trying really hard to keep my house clean but I just couldn't ever manage to get it looking as clean and sparkly as I wanted, and when I increased my hours as work it became near enough impossible to find the time or the energy to try. I called Islington Carpet Cleaning and they sent me a really lovely and friendly cleaner who got straight to work. A few hours later and my home was immaculately clean! This is a service I love and I'll continue to use it. Can't recommend it enough!
     My husband and I were reaching a point where keeping on top of the cleaning at home was becoming an issue. We were both busy with work and instead of spending quality time together when we were not working we were in separate rooms of the house trying to keep it clean. We made the decision to trial a cleaning company, so we called Islington Carpet Cleaning. I have to admit, great decision. They work so hard and do a fantastic job, if you find things becoming a bit much around the home they will help no end.

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